Superman #1 (2018) – Bendis/Reis

The Bendis saga breaks out into his first ongoing without a hitch.


Superman is busy searching the cosmos for Lois and Jon, while also trying to settle into his more isolated life back home.

He also sets up a new Fortress of Solitude in the Bermuda Triangle… It’s actually pretty cool. The way they present it is so cinematic and the idea of him making his new base in such a place is ingenious. I’m on board.

He then has a powow with Martian Manhunter, who tells Superman that he should aim to lead the world to a future of unity and peace, but it doesn’t sit well with big blue. The scene is also pretty humorous as Superman keeps getting distracted and rushing off to save the day throughout the conversation.

Finally Superman goes flying off only to find that Earth has somehow been transported into the Phantom Zone. Huh? But hey, there’s the promise of Rogal Zaar coming back already, so I’m there.

It’s a smooth read. It has me super giddy to see Superman kind of returning to his roots, but relating a very rich and all in all cool character. I mean it. Cool. Like, he’s #&(!ng cool! It’s Superman, the square-jawed boy scout, but he’s so cool. Bendis clearly has a fluid voice and vision for Supes, and it’s going great so far.

TL;DR Score: The moments of lonely Clark reminiscing his family were borderline tear-jerkers… I hope they get back together soon. 😦


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