The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (2018) – Spencer/Ottley

Really, really, really loving this run, and it’s only two issues deep.


The book starts with some Parker monologuing over an elephant being poached (Kraven, maybe? Or just deep imagery…. MoreKravenMoreKravenMoreKraven #morekraven), and then we cut to Spidey kicking d-lister butt. Life’s going good for the webhead and the bad guys can tell.

We then see that Peter and MJ’s rekindled relationship is flourishing and it’s awesome. MJ ushers Peter to school and we’re reminded (if not by the cover) that the Lizard is Peter’s new prof. Apparently he has a classic Molina-esque inhibitor chip that keeps Connors in control and unable to lash out as the Lizard.

Connors is discussing with Peter the prospect of eliminating the Lizard entirely, utilizing the very machine that made Peter into Spider-Man, when Taskmaster and Black Ant bust in to rob the place.

Peter causes a distraction, switches to Spidey, and saves the day. Boom. All is well, but wait! Spidey goes and offers a helping hand to … Peter Parker!? WHAT? Two Peters – what does it mean?

It caught me off guard. Chameleon? Clone? Is Peter actually having a psychotropic dream and maybe all the MJ stuff is a lie? I hope not, but I’m hooked. Nick Spencer is bringing a fresh voice and tone to the webhead that I’m falling in love with, and Ottley’s art is unreal – sheer bliss to look at. I love it. I hope they both stick together on this book for a loooong time. All in all a quick and entertaining read that delivers on many platforms. Can’t wait for the next one.

TL;DR Score: #moreKraven


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