Aquaman #4 (1994) – David/Egeland

I picked up this book while I was browsing the web simply because the cover really caught my attention. With my recent indulgence of Lobo and having yet to start reading Aquaman, this seemed like a decent place to start. I guess you could say I was “hooked.” …


I’m really on the outs in terms of Aquaman know-how, but at this stage I guess there’s a whole element where he’s been raised by dolphins and he’s now trying to find and rescue his adoptive mother Porm… Porm?…. careful with the keyboard, lads. He tracks Porm to a Japanese research facility where she is being held for research.

Meanwhile, Lobo is off doing what Lobo does in the cosmos, seeking revenge for the kidnapping of his flying dolphin friend (what a coincidence!). Turns out it all leads to Earth and basically Aquaman and Lobo are gunning for the same jerk of a dolphin hunter

Aquaman and Lobo have brief encounter where they exchange blows, but ultimately join forces to bring down the poacher. Lobo frags the poacher’s boat, leaving Aquaman to sentence him to the sharks. It’s pretty hardcore actually – no boy scouts here!

It’s a fun read, though I was a little fuzzy in terms of the time and place of Aquaman history. I miss the days of single-issue-stories, and I’m always happy to see these little team-ups/crossovers/versus stories that are self-contained and to the point. I’m pretty sure this is the first Aquaman book I’ve ever actually purchased, and I’m certain I’ll never forget it.

TL;DR Score: When Aquaman frees the sharks and they’re left mesmerized by the hole he cut in their net is pretty spectacular.


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