Mr. & Mrs. X #1 (2018) – Thompson/Bazaldua

Rogue and Gambit start in their new ongoing (we’ll see if that lasts, of course) in a fun kick-start to an adventure that has it all.


The book begins with some heavy duty foreshadowing of an explosion in space against Rogue and Gambit’s first kiss at the altar. We then take back a step to earlier on the wedding day as everyone prepares for the last minute turn of events. All the ladies are scrounging together a perfect wedding outfit for Rogue, and at the end of it Mystique shows up… because apparently she’s Rogue’s mother!?! When the heck did that happen? I’m sorry, everybody, I’m still rusty on my X-History… but Mystique is Rogue’s mom? That explains Kurt referring to himself as her brother earlier in the book…. Man…

Anyway, so the wedding goes off smoothly and Gambit takes Rogue into deep space for their honeymoon and a whole lot of naked time, but they’re ultimately interrupted by Kitty who sends them on an urgent mission near the Shi’Ar Empire to retrieve a mysterious package of extreme interest. When the duo finds it they end up in a tussle with the Imperial Guard. In the heat of the fight Rogue ends up phasing out into space with the package, and before anybody can save her she is suddenly teleported away.

Last page we find out it’s Deadpool who has abducted Rogue, and that the package is actually some sort of egg. Obviously Deadpool makes a joke about eloping.

Solid stuff, right? I liked it. Mayhap someday, probably in like twenty years, I’ll be all caught up on X-Men and not find myself running into all these weird surprises and instead totally understand every little reference, but I still enjoyed the book. I can see myself continuing with it as an ongoing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends before long or at the very least gets a re-brand. Either way I hope the marriage sticks. The note from writer Kelly Thompson at the end of the book seems to imply it will, but you never know with comics, right?

TL;DR Score: Mystique. Is. Rogue’s. Mom? WHAT THE-!?


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