The Flash #51 (2018) – Williamson/Kolins

Flash War is over, and with some cool catalysts that set up the next chapter for the Fastest Man Alive!


Everything is right with world. Hunter is defeated, and everybody is trying to ease back to normality, but Wally isn’t letting it go. He keeps running in search of his lost family while Iris writes a reflection on his life (with a damn cool splash page, LOVED the Teen Titans section).

What was cool about this particular issue for me is that it finally made everything click for me in terms of the West family. I completely forgot that Wally is (correct me if I’m wrong) the same Wally from Pre-Flashpoint, and that the events of Flashpoint is what gave us Wallace – hence the two Wally’s running around (pun intended). Can’t believe I didn’t clue into that sooner considering I’m pretty sure I remember hearing about this way back, but oh well.

Long story short, Wally eventually stops running having been unsuccessful in finding his family. He ends up going with Superman and Wonder Woman to Sanctuary (part of that new DC mini-series coming up, a place that I guess is basically super-rehabilitation/therapy), and Flash has a conversation with Batman about his own final race as he overlooks the construction of the Flash Museum.

Great character book! And like I said, there’s a lot of promise with this one. There’s the issue of the different “forces” that have been agitated by Hunter, and even the looming toxicity of Wally West almost promises another War sometime in the future (in my opinion). Between this and Batman, I like the structure of DC Rebirth (not that they use that branding anymore). It feels like with issue fifties (give or take) we’re hitting a sort of “season finale”. Not so much the end of the run, but a checkpoint. I don’t know if many of the other DC titles are like this apart from Superman, but I like it. People can say what they will, because there’s always hate going around for comics these days, and there’s a lot of people that hate on DC since Flashpoint, but you can’t really deny that they’ve kept a nice structure since. Where Marvel always seems to be all over the place with nothing cohesive except a bi-annual world-ending-level event that ushers in a total overhaul company rebrand, DC takes its pace easy and delivers some really cool arcs…. Maybe I’ll write an editorial on all that sometime, back to the book.

Awesome read. If you didn’t read Flash War, worry not. It’s pretty self-contained and definitely good for those who want to start reading Flash, as I’m sure it’ll lead directly into what comes next.

TL;DR Score: I’m glad it was Barry that came out relatively alright from Flash War. I will always be a Barry Allen Flash kinda guy.


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