Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business (2013)

Family business, written by Mark Waid and James Robinson, is a one-shot graphic novel starting the old webhead. A little under a hundred pages, it’s a fun cinematic story dealing with Peter Parker coming to meet his long lost sister, a special agent named Teresa Durand.

Long story short, it’s a race to the finish as Peter and Teresa are trying to find a Sleeper (giant nazi robots featured in Captain America) hidden in Cairo that requires the likeness of Peter’s father to control. All in the meanwhile the Kingpin is on the hunt also, but for the gold that the Sleeper is stored away with.

It’s a fun read with lots of action and classic spy scenarios that are all the more entertaining with Spidey thrown in there. The art, courtesy of Gabriele Dell’Otto and Werther Dell’Edera is something to behold. It’s got a lot of Alex Ross vibes but in a new and refreshing tone. It’s beautiful to look at.

I think it took me too long to get around to reading this, speaking as a Spideyphile, so if you’re in the same boat I’d suggest checking it out.

TL;DR Score: Spidey fighting a Sleeper? YES.

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