Batman #497 (1993)


I mean, the cover kind of gives it away, and for those who aren’t aware of Bane or his reputation… well, here you go. Bane’s the man that broke the Bat, and arguably one of the coolest members of Batman’s rogues gallery… also quite possibly the most overrated.

This particular issue takes place at the peak of the Knightfall story, after Batman has suffered at the hands of a gauntlet of his greatest foes that’s been orchestrated by Bane himself. Batman returns to Wayne Manor all but crippled (…) to find Bane waiting for him, because, did I forget to mention? Not only is Bane a man of physical prowess, he is also of keen intellect and saw the obvious: that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one and the same. What follows is a beat down that climaxes with Bane breaking Batman’s spine and standing victorious over his mushy body.

It’s wall-to-wall action, and certainly the pivotal Bane story. Really my only disappointment with it is that it’s not a very true victory on Bane’s part. He talks so much about being greater than Batman and crushing him, but his success only comes after breaking down Batman’s spirit and stamina. Sure, it might’ve been the only way to actually best the Bat, but if a dude walks in talking about how he has the bigger muscles and brain, shouldn’t he challenge himself on equal grounds?

Either way I still love Bane and am always eager for more stories that involve him, and despite my issues this particular comic is still a classic and fun to read.

TL;DR Score: People never stop talking about how Bane broke the Bat… and neither does he… to this day…


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