Spider-Geddon #0 (2018)

This one’s a bit of a cash grab, but it’s not too bad if you have the pennies for it.


The story picks up with Spidey of the new PS4 game slinging through the streets while listening to Jameson’s “Just the Facts.” Through a subtle spoiler it becomes evident this book takes place after the game, but soon enough we get big spoilers that really confirm it.

So Spidey gets a tip from MJ that there’s a crime underway being committed by someone bearing a spider symbol. Pete leaps into action and we are soon introduced to this universe’s version of the Tarantula. He’s pretty much the same as the 616 classic but with some iron-spider-like claws tacked on. In the midst of the confrontation the Superior Spider-Man appears seeking out Peter. Tarantula gets away leaving Superior Spidey to explain to PS-Spidey the whole deal with the Inheritors trying to kill Spider-men across the realities.

This is the point in which the two Spideys share identities and Pete has some serious emotions over meeting a version of Otto Octavius that turned out good (nevermind HOW, Pete, but no, go on looking through your starry eyes). Before long they agree to track down Tarantula together and once finished with him to join the fight with the other Spider-men. They do all of this and the story ends with a small breaking of the fourth wall when Pete literally coins the phrase “Spider-Geddon.”

There’s also a back-up story where the Spider-men at homebase are sending drones out to the Inheritors that ends with some heavy foreboding, but it’s nothing great apart from some funny character beats (plus I’m a sucker for more Spider-UK).

I’m not sure I’ll continue with the rest of the event. I really liked Spider-Verse, and the pin-up page at the end of the book does have me tempted, but there’s not enough going for it to me. Maybe I’m missing something since I haven’t read any prelude books, but this literally feels like a rehash. Having said that, I’m curious about what cool fan service might occur during the story, but again, is it worth my money today? I don’t know… I’ll have to gamble it off the stands and not commit it to my pull.

This book was good. It didn’t go too overboard, and it did all the right things. As a bonus story after playing through the game it was neat to see Peter interacting with the Superior Spider-Man.

Really it makes for a great premise to another game…

… I guess if you told me PS-Spidey was going to be the main character for Spider-Geddon I would be on board, because I’m still on the PS4 kick and the DLC is still a few weeks off. As it stands I’m probably gonna pass on this mini-series until it hits Marvel Unlimited or a decent paperback.

TL;DR Score: Honestly they should just do an ongoing based in the universe of PS-Spidey… Like the early years or something. THAT would be cool.

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