The Amazing Spider-Man #5 (2018)

I’m seriously in love with this book, due in part to a whole lot of bias.


So Peter makes a final attempt to convince Spider-Man to rejoin him by way of the isotope genome accelerator before they both give out and die. Pete swindles Boomerang into burgling the machine and takes off with it. There’s a long conversation where Peter talks it out with Spidey, he ends up saving the web-spinner’s life when a giant robot attack breaks out, and, while he’s distracted, activates the accelerator and they become one again.

The newly reformed Spider-Man summons his “spider-bot” Tri-Sentinel and crushes the masses of robots before discovering the corpse of Mendel Stromm back at his lair. The remaining robots then go on a suicide run while repeating the phrase “guess my name.” The lair is destroyed and Spider-Man is left befuddled.

I am simply in love with the direction this book has gone. It’s a little wacky and looney at times, but still has the grounded soul of the character we all love. It’s a nice breath of fresh amidst all the angst we’ve had in comics lately. Not to mention the cool third/fourth-tier characters like Stromm and Boomerang playing bigger parts.

Another particular reason I love this book is because… I’m in it! Yeah! I wrote in to Marvel after reading issue one and my letter got published! Not only that, but the photo of myself and my fiance is in there, too! SO CRAZY! We’re in a comic! After all these years the one time I actually write in a letter and it makes the cut! SUPER COOL… but I think the editors think that I’m actually her based on their reply…. but whatever! Still get to call one small slice of Spidey history our own.


TL;DR Score: #moreKraven



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