Broken Moon #1 (2015)

Broken Moon is a nice little gem from the realm of horror fantasy. I haven’t delved too far into this area of the genre of comic books, but I find for the odd one that I do pick out I’ve usually picked right. As a big horror/monster buff this one really called to me and rightfully so. Apart from being contained to a mere four issues there’s not a whole lot wrong with this book for me, it’s fun and intuitive and leaves me wanting more, but altogether satisfied.




The premise of this book is that in the near-ish future the people of Earth look to the moon for colonizing, but somewhere along the way war erupts and the Moon is literally left broken and causes the rest of Earth to suffer from the fallout. This makes way for monsters and the things that go bump in the night to emerge after hiding away from humans for centuries, the head of this takeover being the Vampires.


Then the real story starts. A woman breaks free from a Vampire stronghold and is rescued by a man on a motorcycle. Through a little exposition we learn what seems pretty obvious: Vampires are breeding/bleeding humans for their own sustenance, as well as enslaving them to build factories designed simply to block out the sun through immense pollution.

We then get introduced to the werewolves. A pack of them are chasing down a loner, but are stopped by their leader, a very Wolf Man looking kind of guy who preaches about not needing human blood and that his brethren are foolishly falling into stereotypes. It’s neat, because in this iteration if a werewolf truly succumbs to their change they became literal wolves, while the former simply remains half man half wolf. I like it. The loner then explains that he was trying to escape the vampires, a troop of them that we see are flying-rocket-bat-ship-things. More cool stuff.


The flying-rocket-bat-ship-things then attack the small group of rebels we met earlier, leaving it down to the man and woman escaping on motorcycle again (Nitpick #1: we still don’t know these peoples’ names and I don’t even remember what they actually are even after reading the book). They escape only to become cornered by the ravenous wolves.

TL;DR Score: Solid start, and some really captivating artwork!

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