Broken Moon #3 (2015)

Things start gearing up for the grand finale, with a little bit of insanity and the good ol’ ultraviolence.


We open with a couple fleeing Vamp City with their infant child and come across the enormous pipe dumping glowing green sludge into the ocean. The husband in his cowardice ends up being disintegrated by the sludge, leaving the wife and child to be recaptured by the vampires.

Meanwhile, in the town of Frankenstein, Victor basically says “screw you” to everyone in their goal to stop the vampires, believing he owes nothing to anyone. The man, woman, and Lead Wolf offer Jack Show Frankenstein to come see the city and the pollution for himself, and he agrees. They leave the rest of the werewolves in the town, and so a fight breaks out between them and the Frankensteins. In the midst of this, the Lead Wolf’s jerk of a right-hand man gets taken by Victor and experimented on.

The four heroes come to the outskirts of Vamp City where they find a group of humans (the mother and infant amongst them) being taken back to the city. Jack Show Frankenstein leaps into action and tears the vampires to a bloody pulp. He then tells the others that he will convince the others to join the fight.

Upon returning to Frankenville, the Jack Show is outraged when he discovers that Victor has butchered one of the werewolves. He chews him out and then leaves, taking the rest of the Frankensteins with him.

See? A little more going on in this issue; not much, but something. This isn’t a Pulitzer or literary masterpiece we’re reading here, but it is a fun little read.

TL;DR Score: Frankenwolf? I’m sold.

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