Batman Damned Book One (2018)

Just read that new Bat-book that everybody’s talking about and… Damn.

I honestly don’t know.


It’s a weird book. Bermejo’s art is stunning to look at and Azzarello writes a fast-paced narrative so you’re constantly turning pages and never actually feel bored, but it’s kinda weird stuff.

The gist of it is that Batman is sort of on the run, because Joker has been found dead and everything is in an uproar. Oh, and Constantine narrates/guest stars (kinda like Batman’s own Christmas ghost) and there’s weird flashbacks to Bruce as a kid where his Dad is a jerk and a child-like Enchantress is screwing with his head. I honestly can’t tell if it’s flashbacks, nightmares, mind games or what. It’s all pretty dense.

Damned is a book you kind of need to interpret for yourself. I’m willing to check out more of it, because again it moves fast and is gorgeous to look at. Furthermore, as DC’s flagship Black Label book, I’m curious to see where they’ll go with such boundaries.

Yes – you see Batman’s dick in this book, a few times actually, but they don’t necessarily flaunt it. Honestly I thought it was neat, sort of like an adult “everybody poops.” Seeing Batman’s junk oddly enough reminds you that he’s a man in the end, stripped naked and exposed. It was just very real, you know? I don’t know. It is what it is. I have a weird way of absorbing the little things…. Or the big things I suppose… Maybe DC was just looking to be gratuitous and flashy.

Either way, Book One is a strange and unusual start to what could be an interesting new era for DC and Batman. Looking forward to more.

TL;DR Score: Yeah… Batman’s packing…

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