The Legion of Monsters #1 (1975)

Picked this one out from the Marvel Unlimited library. I assume what I read was an incomplete copy since there was no Dracula portion (likely due to copyright), but that’s fine. What I did read was quite good.


First up is the Frankenstein Monster, in a contemporary tale where he stumbles upon a costume party in pursuit of his “Princess.” It’s a tender tale of the Monster simply looking for belonging and nearly finding it, making friends with both the Princess and a “Wolf Man.” Unfortunately, the Monster is deceived by a man dressed as a Jester and fails to save the Princess from being murdered, and so goes into a frenzy and wanders off alone.

Afterwards is the origin of the Manphibian (our resident Creature from the Black Lagoon). He basically comes crawling out of an oil well and all hell breaks loose. There’s the Oil Tycoon who’s a controlling husband and when his wife gets caught in all the hoopla of the monster attack he becomes revenge-fueled. There’s a whole part to the plot where there’s two Manphibians and it’s all about our hero taking his revenge on the other and it’s a little weird, but it’s still okay. Point is that by the end both Manphibian and the Tycoon are driven to track down each other a la Banner and McGee.

It was cool. From what I understand the concept of the Legion of Monsters evolved into a far more Marvel-ized iteration, but the promise here is all too intriguing. I’ll have to check out the other titles if I can. All in all though these two stories are very old school, telling deep, soulful tales of wronged “monsters.” Another check for the list of comics for fans of the classic monsters.

TL;DR Score: The Karloff and Chaney nods were a very nice touch.

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