Ghostbusters Get Real #1 (2015)

Here’s a batch of books that’s been sitting in one of my nightstands since I first bought them all of three years ago… crazy how time slips by, but I’m finally getting to it, and it was well worth the wait!



The tale begins in the realm of the cartoon, Ghostbusters Get Real, where the boys save a witch doctor from the ghost of her relative. Not long after they come face to face with a living statue of Atlas. The witch doctor, seeing the Ghostbusters in such trouble, intervenes by casting a spell to protect them at the precise moment Atlas moves to strike, and so they are sent into the universe of the IDW Ghostbusters.

There’s a bunch of hoodoo with the villain, Proteus, and how he’s vowed vengeance against the Ghostbusters, but he’s still behind in the IDW universe so we don’t have to worry about him much right now.

The more important part is when the Real Ghostbusters come to HQ and accidentally set Slimer loose (I’m not up-to-date on IDW’s Ghostbusters, but I understand that Slimer in that universe is not as friendly as he is in the cartoon). They easily trap the green sucker and that’s when the IDW Ghostbusters show up. We get the usual word play and fan service of the initial crossover, and it all ends with Janine telling them that there’s a Poltergeist in the Bronx that needs dealing with.

Two things I really enjoyed about this book were the art and the TMNT reference. For the art, I loved the retro cartoon portion, but what I was more impressed by was how I very much missed the switch-over to the IDW universe. It wasn’t until they reached Slimer that I became aware of the different look of it all. Maybe I’m just stupid, or maybe I was just sucked into the story – I’m for the latter.

Then there was the reference to the Turtles. They literally show off the inter-dimensional door the Turtles used to make it home during the Ghostbusters/TMNT crossover, so it was really cool to see such a blatant callback. It’s rich fan service that makes me giddy like a school boy.

Looking forward to reading the rest of this.

TL;DR Score: It brings new meaning to the phrase: “Who you gonna call?”

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