Pumpkinhead (2018)

Apparently there’s a sequel comic to the movie Pumpkinhead, and it’s actually pretty interesting!



It’s been a couple years since I last watched Pumpkinhead, so I don’t remember a lot of the specifics, but the book doesn’t weigh into that element too much. I would definitely say it’s a benefit for those who’ve seen the movie, because they kind of just skip over the whole “raising Pumpkinhead” portion, but apart from that it goes fine.

In short there’s a band of gang members that we find out killed a couple kids in a hit and run not too dissimilar to the events of the original movie, so the grandfather has of the kids has taken it upon himself to summon Pumpkinhead to kill the culprits.

The stand-out part to this whole book is the inclusion of other demons. I don’t remember if the seven deadly sins played a part in the movie, but it certainly does here, where Pumpkinhead is one of their ranks. Essentially the demons are summoned and they’re pissed at Pumpkinhead for always getting to have fun killing people… yeah, they really are. So it becomes a big battle of Pumpkinhead vs the Sins. It’s gruesome and bloody and the collateral is of the 80s vintage.


It’s really fun. I was actually surprised by how much I dug the seven deadly sins part of it, but I think it’s mainly because it’s presented so perfectly. They all look like monsters from the same realm as Pumpkinhead, and they all look like they’d have made great 80s practical effect spectaculars. My props to Cullen Bunn for writing such a solid follow-up.

TL;DR Score: Greed was particularly terrifying……. “MIIIIIIIINE!!!”

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