Old Man Logan Annual #1 (2018)

Old Man Logan teams up with Old Man Punisher in a spectacular annual.


Following the events of the original OML arc, we find out that a power vacuum left after the fall of the Hulk family has paved way for a gang of Punisher fanatics to move in and terrorize smalltown folks. Logan takes it upon himself to go rescue a bunch of kids that have been kidnapped, and as he approaches the Punisher stronghold he endures a bullet to the head, knocking him out cold.

When he awakens he finds himself in a cave face to face with an Eastwood-looking Frank Castle. Together they resolve to storm the fortress, save the kids, and reclaim the memories that have been stolen from Frank (all too obviously the war journal that one of the fanatics uses for preaching).

The rest is history. Together the old goats kick a whole lot of ass that results in Castle’s death, but not without recovering his journal that bears a photo of his family for him to look at one last time.

It was a great read, both effortless and poetic. Though it was very predictable, it was justly so. For a tale that unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world, it feels like a classic, swash-buckling Marvel adventure. Highly recommended.

TL;DR Score: Got some major Hollis Mason vibes with Frank in this… Loved it.

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