Old Man Logan #50

“We come to it at last…”


Logan picked a fight with the Maestro, who had dubbed himself “the King” in a Northwest Territory village, meaning to find his secret to interdimensional travel so that he could find his way home. It didn’t go so well the first time. Second time around, with the aid of the rebellious townsfolk, he got hold of his last shot of Regenix and kicked the green bastard’s ass. Of course, Maestro attempted to barter with Logan, offering to send him home and to stay out of his hair, but that predictably didn’t go so well. In the end Maestro destroyed his interdimensional device and Logan beheaded his old foe…. its gruesome and wonderful in the Wolverine style.

The Regenix then wore out and thus Logan is left for dead somewhere in the snow, paving the way for “Dead Man Logan” to begin.

For a final arc to the main book I gotta say I was very happy with it. It was great to see Logan and Maestro go toe-to-toe one more time and to add some finality to it. It really brings the run to a solid close, but leaves me gladly wanting one final victory lap with what’s to come.

TL;DR Score: A huge shout out to Ed Brisson for a strong run.

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