Doctor Strange: Damnation

This is a fun little character event that actually didn’t pertain wholly to Doctor Strange.


Following the events of Secret Empire, Las Vegas stands in ruins. To help rectify the situation, Doctor Strange takes it upon himself to raise the city from the ashes. He does it successfully, but here’s the rub: he accidentally raised Mephisto’s Hotel Inferno with it! As such, everyone in the city is succumbing to their sins and burning for it, quite literally! Even the Avengers have become mindless pawns under Mephisto’s control. So Strange barters with Mephisto into a card game for the fate of Las Vegas (and the world).

Meanwhile, Wong is off playing couch potato and gets whipped into gear by a ghost dog named Bats (apparently he was previously saved by Strange, still catching up on the main book). In doing so, Wong assembles an unexpected team comprised of: Brother Voodoo, Elsa Bloodstone, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Blade, and Iron Fist (I think that’s all of them; Ben Reilly comes into play during the action later on).

It’s a neat grouping. Wong claims he chose them because they are each burdened with sin and would be difficult to be enslaved by Mephisto so easily, which is actually kind of ingenious, especially since it’s a group you wouldn’t necessarily expect. I could go for more adventures surrounding this team, even an ongoing.

I won’t give away much of what happens, because it’s honestly a treat to read. My attention was only drawn to it on account of the crossover that occurs during Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider. I remember seeing ads for it back when came it out, but once I found out the actual plot I was intrigued.

It lives up to the promise. There’s some great fan service and a lot of scale to it. It’s big enough to be a universe-wide event, but I’m glad it wasn’t. Keeping it low-key adds a bit of charm, and I’m sure to seek out the remaining crossover titles at some point. All in all a satisfying Doctor Strange title that, again, isn’t completely about the man himself.

TL;DR Score: I heard Moon Knight was kind of kooky now, but damn. He cray-cray.

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