Dead Man Logan #1

Part one of twelve, huh? Isn’t that a bit much? Perhaps not…


Dead Man Logan picks up very much where Old Man Logan left off, with Logan virtually dead in the middle of the Northwest Territories. He’s picked up by Glob and Forge of the X-Men (seriously, every time Glob shows up I want to get into X-Men, he’s brilliant). They take Logan’s body away to revive him, but not without Forge curiously stumbling into the Maestro’s cave where he kept his cross-dimensional device.

Logan wakes up and once again receives the tried news that he’s dying, now even more than before having injected himself with more Regenix during his final battle with Maestro. He’s given twelve months…. convenient that this is gonna take twelve issues, right? So Old Wolvy decides to pick up on his initial objective at the start of this whole arc, and that’s to track down the villains that played a part in his nightmarish past/future/timeywhimeystuff, starting with the man who tricked him into killing the X-Men: Mysterio!

He hits up the Bar With No Name looking for info on Mysterio’s whereabouts and comes up dry, though not without attracting the attention of Miss Sinister… Uh oh.

Afterwards Logan is approached by Hawkeye (you smell that? the way this is all coming together?) who aims to help the old dog out with his mission to find Mysterio. That’s all fine, but Miss Sinister gets to him first, tracking him to a psych ward where he means to spend the rest of his days in peace. However, she sways him over with the promise of destroying all the heroes who could possibly oppose them, and warning him of Logan’s impending arrival.

When Logan and Clint show up they’re out of luck, but manage to get some info out of a cook who tells them that Miss Sinister mentioned something about “killing the X-Men.”

Obviously Logan freaks, and he has every right to as the book ends with Sinister and Mysterio convening with Crossbones and the forces of Neo-Hydra. Their plan? To defeat the heroes and take over the world once and for all.

We also find out that Forge salvaged Maestro’s machine, and has got it working again as he travels to the Wastelands.


It’s better than I certainly expected. Not that I doubted Brisson to spin a hell of an event, but he definitely sets up a nice twelve course meal to consume. I love the way we’re seeing the plot of the original Old Man Logan come to fruition ahead of schedule, and also the promise of Logan’s possible return to the Wastelands. It’s almost poetic. Scratch that, it is poetic.

This has been such an awesome series from the get-go, and to see it get this perfect closing of the wheel (I hope) is just fantastic. It’s like finally coming to the end of a solid anime. Though it’ll be sad to see this all end, I can’t wait to see it unfold in the magical way I know Brisson will do it.

TL;DR Score: Twelve issues? Possibly not enough.

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