Action Comics #1005

The Red Cloud revealed! A grand buffer issue!


Life goes on in the Metropolis underworld, specifically there’s an old Hero Dial up for sale. Not much interest here, save for an awesome guest appearance by The Question! He knocks some skulls trying to retrieve the dial, but that’s it.

Meanwhile, Clark is still trying to deduce the Red Cloud while juggling the strange fires case. Nothing really gets accomplished here apart from we learn that some higher ups are on the fence when working with super heroes.

Lastly, Superman gets into a scuffle with the Red Cloud that results with him flying off with his cape between his legs. The Red Cloud is more than pleased with her fight, kicking back on the roof where we finally learn that the woman behind the cloud is none other than Robinson Goode, the new girl at the Daily Planet.

Wow. Big shocker. I could care less. I mean, it’s a new character all around and that’s fine. I do like the Red Cloud and this doesn’t change anything about her, but it’s certainly no grand twist that left me shocked… Not that it needed to be.

I’m more let down that not much really happened in this issue. Like I said; it was a big buffer with some Question and Red Cloud icing on top. It’s a necessary book to deliver us some minor info and setups, but it doesn’t really impress.

Here’s hoping the next issue brings a little more to the table.

TL;DR Score: Fingers crossed for a Superman/Question team-up!

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