The Incredible Hulk #378

The Hulk goes toe-to-toe with Santa Rhino in what is a fun little Christmas story that delivers.


This is a flashback book where Rick Jones tells some kids a Hulk story to appease their immaturity.

Basically the Rhino is down in the dumps and decides to rip off someone’s Santa costume so he can make some extra dough. He ends up getting roped into playing Santa for a store, rather unsuccessfully so. Before long he ends up letting his temper get the best of him and it attracts the Hulk’s attention. What follows is a non-stop battle between Hulk and Rhino filled with much action and hilarity.

The highlight for me in all this is where the Hulk calls out the Rhino on the activity of his sex life.

I mean, that answers an obvious theory for myself, but that still doesn’t address how the guy goes to the washroom…. Moving on.

It’s an awesome book. I could see myself reading it annually at this time of year. It’s self-contained and has everything you could want out of such a book. If you have the chance give it a read. Totally worth it.

TL;DR Score: Seriously… How does he go to the washroom?

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