Detective Comics #994

Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Mahnke commence the countdown to Detective Comics’ thousandth issue with a story that looks back as well as forward.


Batman and Commissioner Gordon are investigating a crime scene at the Gotham Aquarium where corpses identical to those of Thomas and Martha Wayne have been found submerged. Upon closer inspection it is determined that the bodies have been quite perfectly mimicked to the likes of their predecessors, save for each containing one of Martha’s pearls in each of their throats.

Before much else can be determined Batman is called upon by Leslie Thompkins, who is being attacked by some strange monster. The caped crusader rushes to her rescue, but by the end of the skirmish discovers her infected with Joker toxin.

Hmmmmm… A mystery, indeed. What does it all mean? How does it all fit? God help me if I know, because that’s about all we get out of this issue. It’s straight and to the point. Real fast, but well worth the bill. I’m sure Tomasi is setting things up for a big one to unfold over the coming issues, right into the big celebratory book. I like that the plot goes after Batman’s roots while keeping things fresh… such as with this monster thing dude.

To be honest I hopped onto this book for the creative team, and if you’re feeling anything similar I’d go with the feeling – it’s well worth it. Mahnke alone could have gotten me there, but after Tomasi’s Superman? No question.

TL;DR Score: Okay, yes, I also hopped on for more Batman. Seriously, between Tomasi and King it’s like Bat-Heaven around here…. Bat-Heaven? Anyone? No? Fine….

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