Dead Man Logan #2


This was a big buffer issue. Not that it was bad or anything, and not saying that it doesn’t play it’s own part in what’s to transpire through the rest of the arc, but not a whole lot happens. So here it is:

Crossbones threatens Mysterio.

Red Skull’s Daughter is trigger happy.

Logan learns that Forge fixed the time travel device, but says no on going home until he finishes his job.

Logan gets duped by Mysterio into confronting the Avengers (or maybe not?) right in the middle of Times Square.

That’s about it. I mean, the cliffhanger is solid enough, and being that it’s Mysterio you aren’t really sure what to think. Either way I’m still liking this and am excited to see how it turns out. (My money is on Logan not making it home before dying)

Really the saving party to this issue is Mike Henderson. His art is just so rich and subtle all at once… I might have a new favorite here.

TL;DR Score: Dig that cover!

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