Superman #7


Well, Bendis went and did it. I mean, the stinger at the end of issue six already showed it, but here we can confirm that BMD did in fact completely and absolutely mess with the Kent family beyond repair.

AGING JON TO SEVENTEEN? What the hell, man…

Like seriously, I could almost care less for the plot that unfolds after you tell me that. Literally the entire issue my heart was crumbling for Tomasi and Gleason. All those good stories about the Kent family are now long long gone. Dammit, Bendis. I still like you, but why?

It was one thing to more or less split up the family, but putting them in a place they really can’t come back from… Ugh… I get it. Change. It happens. I’m for it. It’s the only reason I keep reading comics despite how ridiculous they can be sometimes, but jumping the gun like this? Couldn’t you have maybe taken some more time? Ease us into it? Heck, even a few more issues before the grand reveal of Jon being older?

What do I know, though. I’m just a sucker for the family motif they had going, but now we don’t get to see more of Jon growing up the proper way.

That hits me right in the feels.


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