Marvel Comics Presents #1


This is a great return to form. Three stories each delivering something fun and fresh. It truly feels like old Marvel in the best way.

The first is a WWII tale following Wolverine in the line of duty as he tries to rescue a French Gypsy who summons an evil zombie-type being to protect her daughter from Nazis. Together Logan and the woman defeat the monster, but she ultimately dies from the strain, leaving her daughter in the hero’s care. To be continued.

Next is another war-era story about Namor being duped by the military into dealing with a threat while they bomb Hiroshima. He gets pissed and intervenes when they go to drop the second bomb and is left for dead (but as we see he clearly is not).

Lastly, a heart-warming story about Captain America aiding a young woman in her dreams to become a daredevil (the dirt bike kind, not the horned kind).

I loved it. Like I said: three stories that don’t take much time, but are well worth the buck. I’ll definitely continue with this. I especially like that the Wolverine story is ongoing to grant that episodic nature, but that we also get a couple of one-shots that can be geared for anybody. Good stuff.

TL;DR Score: Make Mine Marvel.

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