The Road to Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion

Took long enough to get to some Skrull coverage. I mean, they’re a big focal point in the upcoming movie so what better than talking about the Secret Invasion chapter of Ms. Marvel?


The tie-in spans issues 25-30, and is split into two stories, the first running at the start of the invasion and the latter during the big Manhattan battle.

First up we see lines drawn as Carol and her team (Operation Lightning Storm) deal with a Skrull posing as Ms. Marvel. Oddly enough once both Carols are put under lock and key it doesn’t take long for the phony to come clean, but not without blowing herself and Carol’s minicarrier out of the sky. Lightning Storm is roughed up by the destruction, but they get out relatively alright. The pressure comes to a head with Carol and she ends up finding some release by sexing it up with Wonder Man.

Next we spend three issues as Carol takes on an army of Skrulls in the heart of Manhattan. She annihilates a lot of them and truly unleashes herself, giving into a bloodlust that she’s been taming for the past dozen issues or so. The big finale finds her one-on-one with a Super-Skrull of mindless killing proportions. After manipulating it into killing many Skrulls and thus bringing it down, Ms. Marvel reigns victorious.

It’s a good read, particularly the second half where we see Ms. Marvel really go over the top, even attempting to go Binary with little success (depending on how one looks at it). I was genuinely surprised by how quickly Carol’s doppleganger was dealt with, but enjoyed it. It was nice to not have the who’s who and who can you trust get stretched out over several issues. Plus it’s two separate stories that deliver all the goods that come with the main event. You have the mystery and race-against-time, as well as sheer bloody war.

TL;DR Score: Forget Puck, I’m shipping her and Wonder Man so much now… Though I know it can’t end well.

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