The Wedding of Donna Troy

Hey everyone, it’s been a little bit, but I got a little tied up in tying the knot. Yeah. I’m a married man now, and I couldn’t be happier! I had intended to lead up to the big day by posting about some of my favorite wedding comics (as it was a comic book themed wedding since my wife and I are both fans), but in all the preparations I didn’t have time, but I still want to talk about this particular book.


This is a fantastic issue. There’s nothing to spoil apart from the fact that Donna Troy and Terry Long get married no problem. It’s more humorous than anything actually. There’s plenty of sentiment with Dick giving Donna away, Hippolyta offering her blessings and more, but it’s the funny way Gar covers for everybody’s secret identities at the public wedding and is desperately trying to organize a perfect day for his two friends that really brings the story together. The entire read is nothing but good vibes, and in today’s day where the weddings don’t always work out, this particular one really shines.

It took me a long time to get to this one, too. I’d read the first seven volumes of the New Teen Titans about a year ago, but only just recently picked up the eighth just in time to read this before my own wedding. I can definitely say it fed the fire of my anxiety in the best way possible.

I’ve got a honeymoon to get back to, but I’ll say this much, if you need a good dose of romance and bliss, pen in some time for this story – it’s one of the best.

TL;DR Score: Seriously. No villains. No conflict. This one is just a day in the life and it’s beautiful.

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