Detective Comics #1000

Finally got around to reading this landmark issue, and it’s a resounding tribute to the Dark Knight and his eighty years as one of the top tier heroes we love.


They cover a lot of ground in this one, and all of it really good. I’ll say up front that Scott Snyder helms the first story and I liked it. Considering that I’m not really big on his work these days that’s saying something. The creative forces behind this book bring their A-Game.

My personal favorite was Kevin Smith’s. I read that he wrote the piece while he was high and that it was the best Batman story he ever wrote, and I gotta say he wasn’t lying. In short, Bruce attains the gun that killed his parents, melts it down, and utilizes it as the new protective sheet under his bat insignia on his chest. It’s poetic, and damn good to read. I am definitely not doing it justice.

As a whole that’s what this whole book is. It takes some of the best parts of Batman and reimagines them or presents them in a whole new way. Heck, I liked the family photo story of the Bat-Family, that one could be a tradition that they do again say for the 100th anniversary to see where they are now.

Like Action Comics #1000, this is the best tribute to Batman you’ll find on the stands right now. So if you can still snag a copy, go for it. It’s well worth it.

TL;DR Score: On top of the Jim Lee cover I also purchased the Bruce Timm variant. Very nice stuff!

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