Marvel Comics Presents #3

Really enjoying this series. So far it’s worth every penny. How can you go wrong with a three for one book? Furthermore, the types of stories they’re telling are incredible.


Wolverine continues his endless battle against the Truth. We get a little breather this time around as he and Sylvie go on a date after their latest victory, and that’s about it. They get to know each other a little more, sleep on it (yeah), and then we get a foreboding cliffhanger as Sylvie returns home to her family having done “what needed to be done.”

Cap gets involved in African American rights, trying what he can to help but ultimately failing, leaving him rather befuddled.

Spidey goes toe-to-toe with Crusher Hogan, trapped in the wrestler’s dreams in a battle to the death. With the aid of Doctor Voodoo, Spidey is victorious, and even learns a little good with regards to his old foe.

I have a lot of books in my pull, and this one always delivers. The stories never feel rushed and they always put a neat spin on things. I especially enjoy their Marvel Age segments that take place in the past during pivotal moments in history. It’s like seeing the Marvel Universe of old being told for a mature audience… almost pulpy. It’s great!

TL;DR Score: This one was tight. If you haven’t started reading the series yet, get on it with this one.

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