DC Year of the Villain



This book exceeded my expectations. As a cheap, glorified advertisement for DC’s summer event, it’s not half bad. If there’s still copies around when you go to your comic’s vendor for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, snatch a copy. Heck, they might even be free that day, too (don’t quote me on that).

So we get the setup for three particular arcs.

1. Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom launching an all-out war against the heroes.

2. The rising presence of Leviathan (as seen primarily in Action Comics) and the big mystery surrounding it/him/her.

3. The Batman Who Laughs, and something about a Lex Luthor/Martian hybrid. It’s all very vague at that point, but certainly an eye grabber.

As far as the third story is concerned I could care less, but I’m not on the Batman Who Laughs train right now. I hope to read Dark Nights Metal someday, just not right now… unless of course I’m swayed over on FCBD.

The first two I’m more in for. Having followed the Leviathan story in Action Comics it’s neat to see how it’s gradually expanding to involve other characters in the DC Universe. I might have to read the upcoming mini-series, because the idea of a Batman/Green Arrow/Question team-up is more than enticing.

The Legion of Doom story I’m also excited by, too. Maybe it was Jim Cheung’s art, but they really sold me on that one. It’s a little over-the-top as Lex attacks the white house and basically marks himself as a full-on villain, but the idea of him transferring all his funds to the world’s villains to combat the heroes just feels so old school. The right thing at the right time? Possibly. I feel more than ready for a big villain team-up, especially if Bane plays any part in it (excited for his ‘City of Bane’ arc in Batman).

So yeah, the book did its job. For a cheap price it got me jazzed for some more future DC titles. Plus, hey, DC doesn’t do big universe-wide events like this all the time, so when they come around to it it has a little more impact and feels just a little more thought out. I’m in… especially if they kept the price just as low, but I doubt that.

TL;DR Score: I don’t know who wouldn’t pick this one up. It’s honestly the best 25 cents you’ll spend this week. It also might be the only time in your life that you can by a new comic for that price… like the good old days I never knew.

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