Dead Man Logan #7



So Logan is back in the Wastelands, and he’s making lots of miles after being gone so long. He starts off by having a run in with people living in Lizard turf (yeah, THE Lizard, but we don’t see him here), steals their truck, and crosses country. It’s not long before he gets ambushed and captured – by a gang of cannibals no less.

That’s the big takeaway from this issue: Logan being harvested by cannibals. It’s disturbing, and honestly I can’t believe I’ve never seen this idea portrayed before, because it’s genius. There’s a lot of freaks out there in the Marvel universe, if not Logan, then you’d think at least somebody might consider the idea of harvesting somebody who regenerates for sustenance.

Weeks upon weeks pass and all seems an utter loss for Logan, but he ends up being rescued by Dani Cage and Bruce Jr., whom we learn from that seven years has passed since Logan’s departure from the Wastelands.

Lastly, we learn that an older, more cybernetic Sabretooth is on the trail of Logan. OoOoOooh!

It’s a good one. Honestly, I’ll probably write a retrospect when this is all over, but the entire Old Man Logan run has been spectacular. It’s one of those few titles that’s well put together and that when it’s all said and done will be fun to revisit years down the road. Definitely worthy of a trade or omnibus set in my collection.

TL;DR Score: It feels like a slow fall as Logan comes in on his end, but there’s promise of one hell of a show.

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