Immortal Hulk #1

I was so upset I missed out on this book when it launched, but now that Marvel Unlimited has amassed a decent amount I’m finally digging in, and honestly this is one of the best Hulk titles of late.


So if it wasn’t clear enough from the new title and stylistic cover, this is a more horror-minded version of the Hulk, and it’s nothing short of spectacular! It harkens back to the Hulk’s early days when he was just a freakish Frankenstein/Wolf Man type, maybe even now more than ever.

In case anybody is late to the party, Bruce Banner was killed by Hawkeye back during Civil War II, and it wasn’t until the No Surrender arc that we saw the Hulk’s miraculous return. Now the Hulk operates as a, more or less, night bound character (like the Wolf Man), who pops up as he pleases, or more specifically, if Bruce dies.

During this inaugural issue, we witness a gas station robbery that results in several dead bodies, including Bruce Banner’s, though he rises as the Hulk later on in the morgue. He tracks down the culprit, who’s nothing more than a lost punk of a kid, and brutalizes him and the gang he’s fallen under.

It’s awesome. The horror motif is an easy fit and I love the nods to the old TV show, to say nothing of a reporter named McGee tracking the Hulk. This book has some of the best elements of the green goliath and has been smoothly blended together to make a compelling story I’m excited to continue on with.

I am aware of some of the canon tampering to come, and a couple issues in I already see the threads, but I’m still curious, and it still stands on it’s own as a good read. This first issue is an instant recommendation for new Hulk readers.

TL;DR Score: Hullllk… friend?

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