Batman: Hush (Animated)


The animated iteration of the acclaimed graphic novel is nothing short of surprising, particularly in the liberties it takes.


It took a while for it to really sink in, but I’ll say it now that this is both a faithful adaptation, but also something different. Following suit to Death of Superman, this is basically DC’s take on a classic story taking place in their new animated continuity that has been going since Flashpoint.

More or less the movie runs in tandem with the original comics, but there’s a few tweaks and add-ons to make it unique. In this version Damian is around, and the Batman/Catwoman relationship goes much deeper. There’s some villain swaps, such as Bane instead of Killer Croc, but perhaps the biggest shocker is Hush’s identity.

In the case of this movie it’s not actually Thomas Elliot that turns out to be the man under the bandages, but THE RIDDLER instead. It’s a slight change that doesn’t necessarily impact the story as a whole, but I feel like this alteration harms the story. The Riddler’s ravings during the finale, though founded, are hollow compared to the overall mystery surrounding Thomas Elliot’s Hush.

The butterfly effect they used on this movie is subtle and reasonable, but it does shatter a lot of what made the book so damn great.

Having said that, I still think this is a perfectly fine entry in the DC animated library. The classic blue bat-suit being observed through an almost anime-level scope is oh so satisfying, especially during the brief (better-than-Dawn-of-Justice) fight with Superman. The returning voice talents, too many to list here, is as always just as awesome. Though Jason O’Mara is no where near my favorite Batman, he always paves his place stronger than before.

So if you’re a fan of the original book, furthermore a purist, I’d be a little wary going into this movie, but if you’ve got an open mind and have the time, give Batman: Hush a watch.

TL;DR Score: I love Bane, I really do, but he had no genuine reason being in this movie.

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