Superman: Kal (Elseworlds)

Purchased this little gem at a local antique shop for a buck. A steal. This is my first Elseworlds book, and it certainly sets a standard for me moving forward.


Elseworlds, for those who don’t know, is DC’s means of reimagining their greatest characters in alternate realities; their very own What if…? This particular story shows Superman if he had landed on Earth during the Middle Ages.

TL;DR: Kal is raised to a strong lad who becomes a blacksmith in LEXFORD, where he competes for the hand of Lady Loisse. All is well until it ends in tragedy as Baron Luthor murders Loisse and battles Kal to their own deaths.

It’s written by Dave Gibbons, of Watchmen renown, which is a real treat. I don’t think I’ve ever read any of his written work, and from this piece alone I’d say the man has serious talent. He really invoked the feeling of reading an old fairytale myth that hit hard and stoked the flames of imagination. A+.

If you have a comixology account you can grab this book for a very cheap price, but I’d venture (as ever) to find the hard copy, even if it’s a little more costly. I feel that I lucked out on my part. This is a great reimagining, and a great story in general. I loved every panel of it.

TL;DR Score: Farewarning, Loisse’s death is uber dark… but it’s also the moment you realize the book has you entirely.

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