Spider-Man #1 (2019)

So yeah, that new Abrams Spidey book is nothing short of captivating.


The comic opens on New York City in peril. MJ is running through the streets looking for Peter where she comes upon him completely battle-ravaged. Like, it’s bad – his arm is shredded to the bone, literally.

We then get a glimpse at a brand new villain, Cadaverous, who looks like the hell spawn of Ultron and Doctor Doom. He kills MJ, and then vanishes. Peter buries his wife, and we are then introduced to their son, Ben.

Flash forward twelve years and we find Ben living with Aunt May and standing up to school bullies. Peter, sporting a hook hand and beard, is a distant father who can’t help fighting with his son and neglecting Aunt May. Meanwhile, Cadaverous broods in his lair with a curious female stored in a vat of liquid. Hmmmmm….

Ben has a nightmare about MJ and wakes up on the ceiling, and in the midst of his freakout Aunt May simply guides the boy to a dusty corner of the attic where Peter’s old life and old duds lie in wait for the new generation to pick up.

It’s pretty baller. Considering JJ Abrams has his hand in this the book certainly feels cinematic, and already I can’t wait to see this story to the end. It’s well paced and keeps delivering. Also, knowing it’s co-written with JJ’s son, Henry, the father-son theme of the story rings even stronger.

This is a high quality book, perhaps more so than any other Spidey title right now. If you want something fresh that packs a punch, pray that there’s a copy waiting for you to grab.

TL;DR Score: Cadaverous… robots… strange female…. I smell another clone saga.

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