The Monster of Frankenstein #1

I was originally going to dig into Tomb of Dracula, but I feel I’ve gotten a fair dose of vampirism lately so I decided to give Marvel’s take on Frankenstein a try.


In short, this is very much an adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic. I haven’t proceeded far past issue one so it hasn’t even related the entire “origin” of the creature, but for what it’s worth there’s much to enjoy here.

For one thing the art is delicious, and the volley between the past and present narrative keeps the story interesting. It’ll be interesting when they dispense with the roots and the creature eventually makes it back to mainland, but I’ll just have to wait and see.

TL;DR Score: No joke, it’s actually pretty faithful to the original book. I can’t wait to see how they embellish it in the Mighty Marvel Manner.

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