Dead Man Logan #12

The end of an era….


This final installment in the saga of Old Man Logan was a bit anticlimactic for me only because I’d waited so long since reading the previous issue to tackle this one. It’s brief, and to the point, though if read in tandem with the entirety of the story as it’s clearly intended I’m sure it plays better.

Logan, Dani Cage (wielding Mjolnir), and Bruce Jr. defeat Sabretooth and Mr. Sinister without a hitch, leaving just enough time for Wolvy to pass away beside his family’s grave site and to be mourned by his allies.

That’s it.

I think my only real complaint is that it felt like they were just going through the motions at this point. Not to say that there was a lack of care, just that there were no surprises. That can be nice sometimes, but considering the few years that this story has now been running I personally felt it deserved a little more than the bare minimum.

All together I’d be willing to retread the Old Man Logan story again down the road, and who knows, maybe this issue will play a little better by then. For now the best thing I can think of is that I’m saving a few bucks on my pull now.

TL;DR Score: I mean… a spinoff following Dani Cage as Thor wouldn’t be so bad at this point!

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