Green Lantern #85 … Reprint!

I like seeing the reprints that both Marvel and DC have been putting out of late. I couldn’t resist grabbing this one when I saw it.


This book is pretty hardcore. Halfway through I scanned the cover again to find that comics code stamp. Seems legit enough. Not only is this book on the nose when it comes to the drug problem, but if even touches on racial slurs quite blatantly. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it.

The plot involves Green Lantern aiding Green Arrow in cracking down on drug runners after the latter is wounded by a thug using his own arrow. The big twist is a bit weak considering it’s plastered on the cover, that Arrow’s ward, Speedy, is addicted to drugs, furthermore it’s also the cliffhanger, which is a bit of an upset.

It’s a good read. A bit pushy on the PSA front, but effective. I think the best moment was when Green Lantern created a corrupted version of himself with his ring after being infected by drugs. It was actually a little terrifying!

This is a book you see pop up now and then and is certainly a good conversation piece, so if you get the chance, pick it up. It’s worth the read, plus it’s printed on traditional newsprint and includes all the original ads plus bonus reprints.

TL;DR Score: DC Black Label has nothing on this class act.

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