Detective Comics #1015


So we finally made it. After decades of Victor Fries pining over his lovecicle, Nora is finally up and at ’em, and she’s not as settling as we might expect. She’s full-blown evil, working alongside her husband in a deranged marriage of villainy.

I like it. It’s unexpected and different from the other forms this story has taken over the years (see the Arkham Knight DLC), and serves as a nice catalyst for future stories. This could go anywhere. Victor could die and Nora could carry on the Freeze name akin to the nee female Electro over in Spider-Man, or we could have more of this Freeze duo that works so well. Their mission to steal a getaway for themselves is a strong enough objective after years of Victor trying to revive his wife and can certainly run well enough for a few more encounters.

This arc itself has taken it’s time and so far I’m enjoying the results. Looking forward to what comes next.

TL;DR Score: Lovecicle? Anyone? Anyone? Bah, forget it….

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