Avengers #27



I decided to jump back on the Avengers wagon. I’ve been enjoying catching up through Marvel Unlimited and seeing as how this was the start of a new arc it seemed like a good jumping-on point.

For those who haven’t been following this current run, well, you ought to. It’s probably the funnest and well-rounded Avengers series there’s been in a while. The team line-up has a nice blend of classics and newer favorites, plus they have an awesome new base inside the body of a Celestial. The fact that it’s still going is pretty awesome, hence why I jumped back on… but that likely means it’s gonna end real soon, though I really hope not.

Anyhow, this issue follows some business with the Starbrand… Shi’Ar and Brood mumbo jumbo in space… the Avengers head off into space where they become stranded in the midst of some sort of max prison breakout, but all hell breaks loose as Thor slowly transforms into a brood monster and the Silver Surfer pursues Ghost Rider and Black Widow? It all happens pretty fast, but, kind of like I was gushing over John Romita Jr. for Action Comics, Ed McGuinness really amplifies the plot. McGuinness and Romita are both artists I rank quite closely, bearing their own flare of comic book classique with a touch of realism, McGuinness more for the real, and Jr. for the classique.

All in all, kind of like Action Comics, I can’t say much in the way of the plot as not too much happens in a very cohesive way, so only more can be said with the subsequent installments. More than anything it’s worth jumping on if you haven’t, but if you have the moolah I’d suggest picking up the trades of the rest of the run, too, it’s well worth it.

TL;DR Score: I find it rare that artists overshadow the writers this much in a week’s reading… I like it!

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