Spawn: Origins Collection Vol. 1


At long last….. Spawn.

That heavy metal symbol of bad-assery courtesy of the great Todd McFarlane finally made his way into my readings, and I loved every panel.


Spawn, for you few who aren’t aware, tells the story of a man returned from the dead by a demon, cursing him to wage war on criminals and bad people in order to build an army of the damned for the latter’s benefit. Spawn, formerly Al Simmons, wakes up after being dead for five years to his new life, finding his wife remarried and with a child. After much deliberation and an encounter with the Demon who gave him a new lease on life, Spawn commits himself to his new life to make some good of the world (despite what it means to the Demon).

This book is Todd McFarlane’s imagination unleashed. In his intro he talks about how he conceived of Spawn during his schooldays, and it shows. This is a well-thought universe and array of characters that seems to have fermented for an age. The line-up of villains alone consists of some fresh and iconic creations: Violator, Billy Kincaid, and Overt-Kill make up the rogues gallery that appear in this first volume, and they’re each their own form of disturbed, diabolical, and delicious.

This printing also has a very gorgeous remastering of the art. It’s got that new sheen that most recolors have, and it looks great. Todd McFarlane is one of the most talented artists out there, always has been, and his writing is just as good. Seeing his work in pique condition is a treasure, and considering this particular volume is priced cheaper than the subsequent books, I’d say it’s worth picking up whether you’re new to Spawn or a long-time reader.

TL;DR Score: I guess you could say Spawn is really… off the chain… heh… get it? I mean… if you don’t then you ought to educate yourself.

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