Spider-Man #3 (2020)

The Abrams Spidey story continues to unfold, revealing some gruesome and mind-boggling imagery!


The issue opens with Ben and Peter having an argument in the wake of the former’s early outings in bus father’s old Spidey duds. It all comes to a pique when the room explodes and Cadaverous shows up, impaling and abducting Peter, leaving Ben to wallow.

Before long, Ben and his friend, Faye, seek help from an drunken, cowardly Tony Stark who resides in a bunker beneath an Avengers monument. During this, we find that Cadaverous has Peter wired and is draining him of vitals back at his evil lair. We learn from Tony that Cadaverous was part of an old Stark Industries project that also saw aid from Richard Parker, making Parker blood essential to the whole thing (I smell some Andrew Garfield over here).

The issue ends with Ben, Faye and Tony being ambushed by Cadaverized Avengers…

I gotta say, I love how grounded and grim this whole story is. The verbal action between Ben and Peter is very real, and Cadaverous’s whole dark eighties hyper-techno motif is both chilling and satisfying. Undead Avengers though? Didn’t see that coming. Curious to see how they’ll spin their way out of this…

TL;DR Score: Tony Stark with a man bun. ‘Nuff said.

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