Metal Men #1 (of 12)


Ever since I first learned of these guys during the New 52 Justice League run I’ve been looking to enjoy some more of them, so it seems lucky that there’s a maxi-series unfolding right now!


Will Magnus, genius doctor and creator of the Metal Men, brings us up to speed on his history with the aforementioned super team and how he seeks to return to simpler times. We see an example of the heartache Magnus deals with when the Metal Men discover (allegedly not for the first time) the fact that they aren’t actually living beings and are basically just pieces of Magnus’ psyche. Magnus shuts them down before things go too far, but finds new inspiration when he receives word that a new nth metal has taken shape and is calling the good doctor’s name.

For a first installment it goes pretty fast but doesn’t necessarily feel rushed. It lays the groundwork nicely, especially if the reader is unfamiliar with the territory. It also doesn’t feel cheap. These are characters with history and the promise of a return to form is nothing but spectacular. I also have to say that it’s still satisfying to see such a colorful team popping right out of the pages – a truly gorgeous book.

This series is about four issues deep now, but if you can track them down I’d say buy them. So far it’s worth it.

TL;DR Score: Maybe I’m missing something crucial, but why wasn’t Platinum in the team-photo of the Metal Men?

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