Batman #89

Things are really starting to heat up in Batman right now! … My comics vendor mentioned that this book is already going for higher prices… though I’m not exactly sure why besides the cover…


Batman’s gauntlet of assassins and at-risk rogues continues on. A lot happens here, and yet not so much, but at the end of the issue what we’re left with is that Batman’s lead rogues years ago made some sort of deal with a new costumed character named the Designer, and that he is likely the one who has hired the assassins to take them out. It’s a whirlwind.

Oh, and there’s a stinger at the end of the book that shows Joker continuing his preparations with a bulletin board tacked with the Bat-Family and all of their secret identities…… Death of the Family Redux? I don’t know, I’m just spit-balling.

It’s a good issue. In general Batman is feeling really good right now. Tynion is handling the fallout from King’s arc smoothly, notably in Lucius Fox’s stepping in for Alfred as “guy in the chair.” Honestly, I hope Fox remains in this role. He’s an ideal fit and he’s so damn charming… not to mention he keeps throwing Batman some wonderful toys.

Honestly, it’s a strong arc to get in on. Either catch up or wait for the paperback, because I’m sure the final result will be spectacular.

TL;DR Score: …. it … it really is an amazing cover. Seriously. I could put that in a frame, and not just because the boosted value.

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