Action Comics #1019


I’m going to say up front that if there’s one problem I presently have with this Doom! arc, it’s that I’m feeling awfully behind on a lot of key plot points. Leviathan has been revealed as a man named Mark Shaw, Lex Luthor is half-Martian somehow, and … that’s about it, I guess, but I haven’t been reading Event Leviathan so that’s probably the big part of the problem. However, this particular book was fun.

The meat of this issue is the Legion of Doom meeting Leviathan in their lair. It’s a character driven book, and we all know how stellar Bendis can be at banter and casual dialogue. Furthermore (as always, an unpopular opinion), I LOVE Romita Jr’s art. I admit, sometimes it’s not on point, but I find his work when stories are engorged with color. So when you have a story about an array of villains basically having a few beers and scheming, JRJR can do no wrong.

Unfortunately if it keeps with the tie-ins I might have to drop this title from my pull, but I’m at least glad to enjoy some sheer comic fun before I do.

TL;DR Score: I can’t be the only one that hears Clancy Brown when I read Lex Luthor, right?

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