Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales #1

Y’know, I didn’t realize just how long it had been since I read a solid team-up until this book. Marvel Insider is doing a special for members to read the early Absolute Carnage titles, and honestly I think this one was probably the strongest.


Miles and Ganke are in town looking for shoes when Scorpion appears wreaking havoc. Miles leaps into action and it becomes a no-holds-barred clash. It honestly harkens back to the glory days of Peter Parker (atta boy, Miles). Suddenly a slew of Carnage’s symbiotic army appear, seeking Mac Gargan’s spine (for those who don’t know, he once bore the mantle of Venom). Seeing no other alternative, in classic team-up fashion, Spidey and Scorpion set aside their issues to even the odds. Its short-lived however as Scorprion back-stabs the web-slinger, leaving him to be taken over by a symbiote.

Short and to the point. I think I read this in under ten minutes? I usually prefer a longer read, but given that this was on point action and fun, it just leaves more time to read it again. It’s a fun one and worth checking out for some classic thrills in the Mighty Marvel fashion!

TL;DR Score: Ganke pulls off the man-bun surprisingly well.

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