Robin 80th Anniversary Special

The world spins on. Of how recent events has taken its effect on the comic book industry I may speak of later, but for now, some fun.


Like its anniversary predecessors over the past couple years, Robin’s big book is nothing short of delightful. In fact, it might even be a contender for the best.

In chronological order of Robins in the history of DC comics, we go through each incarnation and are given a story analyzing key characteristics based on their stance as Batman’s sidekick, and a character as a whole. The first chunk of the book obviously centers around Dick Grayson, from his tenure as Robin, to his breaking free as Nightwing, and even to his status as a secret agent. Dick’s certainly had the longest history and for most of the general population he’s most recognized as the boy wonder, so it makes sense to flesh him out so fully. We then get mostly snippets of the other Robins, right up until Damian.

There’s a tremendous amount of variety here. It suffers from some minor repetition, but I think that’s to be expected and is a perfect tool in showcasing how much the Robins are alike. This book is also a feast for the eyes. There’s some needed grit in here, but for the most part it’s colorful and bold… much like Robin.

TL;DR Score: Dick will always be my Robin, but I gotta say I’ve really come around to Damian.

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