Superman #21

Mongul… y’all remember Mongul, right? He’s this buff alien bad@$$ that once screwed with Superman’s mind, amongst other things. These days he’s all about


pitting would-be contenders for intergalactic peace against one another. Even better? He’s just getting warmed up.

Meanwhile, Lois Lane deals with the overbearing pressure of a world now knowing Superman’s identity and his out of context proclamation of being more or less King of the Earth.

Superman is easily the stronger Supes titled compared to Action Comics. Not only does the story really anchor itself to the development of the big boy scout’s character, but Ivan Reis’ art is just fantastic. I feel like I’ve praised his work before, but honestly there’s so much material that I consume day-to-day that when I come back around to Superman it’s always a treat. The way he captures the big budget action set pieces is beautiful.

I’m still not a big fan of Bendis breaking down the Kent family dynamic, but the whole identity reveal has really added a lot of meat to the Superman mythos and (I hope) will make for an interesting permanent change in the Man of Steel moving forward.

TL;DR Score: Supes vs Mongul, round two, here we go, BABY!!! PLACE YOUR BETS!

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