Avengers #57

I’m trying to get back on track reading the original Avengers run, what with so much of my time being spent in doors of late. Suffice it to say, I finally made it to the inaugural issue featuring the appearance of Vision.


This is actually one of the faster paced books I’ve read from this era. That comes from a book like The Avengers, considering each issue is capable of branching on amongst so many characters. In one book we get relationship highlights between Jan and Hank, Natasha and Clint, as well as T’Challa doing some soul searching, all tying in together when Vision appears. At first attempting to destroy the heroes, he quickly turns his sights on aiding the Avengers in defeating his creator: Ultron-5. (Yeah, in his early days the Ultron we know and love was known as Ultron-5.) Just when you think there’s not enough going on, the Avengers manage to infiltrate Ultron-5’s lair, allowing Vision to defeat the metal maniac in a climactic battle.

See, these days that amount of storytelling would be at the very least split into two issues. It does come across as only slightly, very slightly, rushed, but it’s incredibly well-executed. Furthermore, as a landmark issue, I feel like this one pulls out all the stops. Some key books out there cost an arm and a leg for something as small as a single panel first reveal (not pointing fingers, bub). With this one you not only get a gorgeous cover and Vision’s first appearance, but also a fully-wrapped story with some great material on the way.

If there’s one power that digital/ collected reading has, it’s that it can give us a showcase of the classics worth seeking out for the collection. This, dear readers, is one of them.

TL;DR Score: Vision is the OG, OP hero we deserve.

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