Detective Comics #1021

I love a good Two-Face story. In this (amongst others) there’s an element I’m not overly crazy about, but this issue got my brain turning a little.


The short of it. Two-Face has raised a two-sided cult following, one lead by Vice and the other by Versa (heh, classic), and utilizes them to lay a trap for Batman. Now maybe I don’t know Two-Face that well, but what DC seems to be rolling with lately is the idea that he’s a full on schizo. I was never raised on the idea that Harvey Dent was a schizo, but this book certainly makes him out to be, right down to the fact that Harvey knows that Bruce is Batman, and Two-Face doesn’t. It’s cool in one aspect, because we really get to see Harvey’s anguish vocalized, but on the other it kind of takes away the simple fundamentals (as I see it) from this great villain.

What got me thinking during this issue though is the “cult of Two-Face.” It’s honestly a simple concept, not new to comics, but I feel like in this day and age it’s more relevant than ever. What with the cult following behind Thanos’ quest in Infinity War, in this day and age it seems only ideal that more people, certainly in the fictional world, would flock to follow these icons.

TL;DR Score: Vice and Versa? Really?

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